It's time for a break!

I need to archive some projects, and clean all the mess I've created over the past few years. I'll be back in 2021, which hopefully, won't be as bad as 2020.

Some projects hosted under the domain, may be unavailable during this period.
Visit for information about scheduled maintenances.

Project Update

Work on the new website is going well. I've got the new menus working, and added a cookie policy. Today I'm starting the "security challange".

December 1st, 2020 Hexandcube

Project Timeline

  • November 10th, 2020
    The start of the project
  • November 10th - 12th 2020
    Organizing git repositories
  • November 12th - 13th 2020
    Organizing files, on all devices and servers
  • November 14th 2020
    Organizing all Emails
  • November 15th 2020
    Hexandcube Files migration to Scaleway Elements (Datacenter in Warsaw, Poland)
  • November 15th 2020 - December 31st* 2020
    Working on a new website
  • December 1st 2020 - December 6th* 2020
    Updating passwords, enabling 2FA on remaining websites, backup of recovery data
  • December 25th* 2020 - December 30th* 2020
    Deployment of the new storage solution (moving all data to a new server)
  • December 2020
    Shutting down legacy services (TBD)
  • January 2021
    Release of the new website
  • January 2021
    Updating other services and sites to a new design
  • January 2021
    The end of the project
* - Estimated date


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